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Backpacks - School Bags - Gym Bags - Travel Case

Emin Bag operates in accordance with customer satisfaction and quality principles and it is one of the leading companies of the sector with an experience of 24 years in the sector and a wide range of production infrastructure. Our company particularly focuses on the production of school and backpacks and at the same time makes the production of luggage sets. 

Featured Products

Emin Bag

Some of the products sold and manufactured in our company are; backpacks, school bags, gym bags, brief case, travel case, luggage sets and promotion bags.

Emin Bag

You can see our new school bag - brief case - gym bag - backpack models we have added in the newest page of our web site and you can contact us for detailed information.

Emin Bag

Our registered trademarks are used in the products designed by Emin Çanta. Athletic is used intensively in backpacks as the trademark of our company.

Backpacks - School Bags  Manufacturing and Wholesale
Tacirhane Sk. Türkeş Han No: 28/B Mercan - Fatih - Istanbul / TURKEY
+90 212 528 6235 - info@emincanta.com

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